Welcome to our cooking class, Miso Spot, where I invite you to experience Japanese cooking in a relaxing atmosphere in Gora, a resort in Hakone.

The house received a design award. People come here often say, “It feels like being in a temple or a shrine.” It was built by a selected carpenter who is skilled to build temples and shrines. You will have an unforgettable moment cooking in such a traditional but modern environment.

Donmono+ Miso Soup + Tea and dessert ¥3,200 11:00-13:30
・Chicken-egg on rice (oyako-don)
・Pork-cutlet on rice (kastu-don)
・Tofu on rice (kola-dofu-don) **Vegetarian

Sushi + Miso Soup + Tea and dessert ¥4,500 11:00-13:30
・Hand rolled sushi and small ball sushi (temaki sushi and temari sushi)
・Deep fried tofu sushi (inari sushi) **Vegetarian

*Miso Soup making involves in miso tasting and dashi workshop.

Nabe + Rice/Noodle + Tea and dessert ¥3,800 11:00-13:30
・Pork Nabe/seasonal vegetables
・Chicken Nabe/seasonal vegetables
・Seafood Nabe/seasonal vegetables

Tea ceremony experience 14:00-16:00

Couples Cooking Dinner Hot pot + Rice + Saketasting + Tea and dessert 17:30-19:30 -¥7,500
・Sukiyaki + rice + sake tasting + Tea and dessert
・Syabusyabu + rice + sake tasting + Tea and dessert
・Tofu nabe + Vegetarian sushi + sake tasting + Tea and dessert **Vegetarian

*Please ask us for a ride after the course to Gora station since it is dark at night.

Cancellation Policy

Please let me know 2 days in advance at the latest if you are canceling. I save a spot for you and prepare the ingredients.