I would answer “Mongolia.” to “Which country was the best?” kind of question.

However there is a fundamental problem lies.

I would not be able to make myself feed in a rural area of Mongolia. These people get themselves out to find their own food by taking care of the animals to make cheese, yogurt and meat.

I in fact got sick within 3 days of working in the fields. I was up at 6 to start working and finally able to rest at 9 at night. It is never enough to put effort in taking care of animals and chopping the woods.

I needed to go back to Ulan Bator to be in a bed.

I honestly respect Mongolian.

They might be the strongest people who I encountered in this world trip among the many other toughest people out there. I thought I could easily fall into the frailest group of people after witnessing Mongolians and those who follow. I don’t even think that I could have lived up to my age if Japan was not civilised.

They were the first people who I made miso soup to in this trip. I was happy that they were happy.