How to Make Miso Ball

If you are new to making miso soup and found it a little bit too overwhelming, this cute looking “Miso Ball” is a solution for you.

There are many instant miso soup packages available in the supermarkets in Japan, but they are not as good as those homemade, of course.

This miso ball is a homemade instant miso soup.

Mix the small pieces of ingredients and powered dashi stock into miso, and make a small ball. When you want to have a cup of miso soup, just pour hot water into the miso ball, then you have your miso soup within a minute!

You don’t have to follow the ingredients blow. Just put whatever you like! Be creative.


Course: Soup Cuisine: Japanese
Yeild: 20 servings Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes ×Vegan, ○Vegetarian, ○Gluten free



Ingredients g ml
 Miso 150g
 Dried bonito fish flake<  20g  –
 Dried daikon  handful  50ml
 Dried daikon leaves  handful  50ml
 Deep fried tofu 1 piece  –
 Skin of yuzu citrus  10g  –



  1. Cut all the ingredients really finely except the bonito fish flakes.
  2. Mix half of the bonito fish flake and all the ingredients into miso.
  3. Take around 20g of the #2 and make into balls. You will have roughly 20 balls.
  4. Decorate with the rest of bonito fish flake on the surface of #3.
  5. Store in the freezer for a month or in the refrigerator for a week if you like to save.
  6. Place a miso ball into a cup and pour one cup of hot water to drink. Adjust the amount of water depending on how salty you would like your miso soup to be.



Today’s Afterword

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