How to Make Miso Soup 1

Miso soup is something I would love to eat everyday.

If you have some vegetables, you can easily make the soup.
That is a good idea to have miso and some sort of dashi, the stock, in your kitchen. They last for long time once you buy them if you store them in a cool, dark, and dry space. ;)

There are plenty of ways to make miso soup because we use whatever available in the kitchen on the day to go with broth and miso.
Be creative, but first, I will get you a basic idea of how. ;)

In the video, I made the soup from the ingredients that were available on the day.


Here is the video of how to make miso soup

In the video, I used the ingredients below.


Course: Soup Cuisine: Japanese
Yeild: 2 servings Cooking Time:
Total Time: 40 minutes ×Vegan, ○Vegetarian, ○Gluten free



Ingredients g ml
Miso 15g
Bonito fish flake 5g
Water 400ml
Radish handful
Ice-plant (any green leaf) handful



  1. Heat the water right before it gets boiling.
  2. Throw the bonito fish flake into the pot and wait for 20 -30 minutes to make dashi.
  3. Drain the dashi water into another pot or bawl while filtering with a piece of cloth to separate the bonito fish flake and the water. You may reuse the bonito fish flake into some another dish or give it to your cat.
  4. Cook the radish in the dashi water
  5. Add the green leaves.
  6. Stir the miso in.


Today’s Afterword

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