Day 1: First Time Miso Making

If you are wondering how to make miso (not the soup, but what you need to make the miso soup with) on your own, you are on the right page.

I was on an around-the-world trip with my husband for more than 2 years, making miso soup to who we have met in the world just for fun.

Having shared this story with my friends in Japan, they always ask me this question.
“So do you make miso on your own too?”

Well not yet! We just came back from the trip last year and haven’t had a chance yet. Making miso at each household was a popular thing to do until my grandmother’s generation. Unfortunately today only people who are serious about gastronomy make miso at home.

So here I am, making my own miso for the first time!

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Chiken Katsu Curry

It was very exciting to have my British friend, Grian, and American friend, Sam. Grian requested me to make Chiken Katsu Curry while they are visiting Japan.

(They helped me create the video! )

It is interesting how Japanese eat “Japanese” curry as our comfort food today and it became so popular to make a British person actually request it as Japanese food.

Indian Curry was introduced to the British people, then Japanese took the idea from the modified curry in England, then we developed it as the curry what we have today. Whatever. It is easy and tasty.
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How to Make Miso Soup 1

Miso soup is something I would love to eat everyday.

If you have some vegetables, you can easily make the soup.
That is a good idea to have miso and some sort of dashi, the stock, in your kitchen. They last for long time once you buy them if you store them in a cool, dark, and dry space. ;)

There are plenty of ways to make miso soup because we use whatever available in the kitchen on the day to go with broth and miso.
Be creative, but first, I will get you a basic idea of how. ;)

In the video, I made the soup from the ingredients that were available on the day.

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About Me

My name is Mia Takeshige who is passionate to share Japanese food culture.
I finished my 2 year and 4 months traveling around the world with my husband, Ken, while cooking a bowl of miso soup to the people who we met.

Cooking miso soup really got me thinking. “I want to do this as my profession!”

Now I locate in Hakone, Japan to show you from how to make broth to how to make sushi dinner with the heart of hospitality.

I believe that Japanese food is…

  • all about broth, broth, and broth!
  • connecting with good agricultural producers to have the best ingredients.
  • envolved in many fermented food like soy sauce, miso, boito-fishflakes, miring, sake, rice vinegar, and etc. Fermented food is so good for ya.
  • perfected by the condiments.
  • different by the regions. Like the food in Italy.
  • to express seasons by the dishes.
  • food not just to taste with your eyes, fingers, nose, and mouth but also with intestine.