About Me

My name is Mia Takeshige who is passionate to share Japanese food culture.
I finished my 2 year and 4 months traveling around the world with my husband, Ken, while cooking a bowl of miso soup to the people who we met.

Cooking miso soup really got me thinking. “I want to do this as my profession!”

Now I locate in Hakone, Japan to show you from how to make broth to how to make sushi dinner with the heart of hospitality.

I believe that Japanese food is…

  • all about broth, broth, and broth!
  • connecting with good agricultural producers to have the best ingredients.
  • envolved in many fermented food like soy sauce, miso, boito-fishflakes, miring, sake, rice vinegar, and etc. Fermented food is so good for ya.
  • perfected by the condiments.
  • different by the regions. Like the food in Italy.
  • to express seasons by the dishes.
  • food not just to taste with your eyes, fingers, nose, and mouth but also with intestine.